On a Friday morning, I give hatha yoga classes at GOA on the Altea-Albir seafront.  Upstairs, in the appropriately named “el cielo” (heaven, in Spanish), there is a clean, airy, glass-curtained terrace.  There, with the blue Mediterranean sea before us, and two friendly palm trees to gaze upon, we are caressed by the sea air, and take great lungfuls as we practise.  If the breeze is fresh, or the sun is in hiding, we can close the terrace doors.  So, we get the best of the indoor-outdoor space.

I try to have students start only at the beginning of term.  Those who wish to join later in the term must already practise yoga.  Total beginners are encouraged to have a private class first.  This is important for the group dynamic and for the new student.  For the group, those who have been practising for some time don’t have to go “backwards” to accommodate the instructions for the newcomers (a common complaint).  For the newcomer, there is less confusion about certain techniques (like ujjayi breath) and naming conventions of poses (âpanâsana, etc.)

There is an active group at 11:30 in which I have space for one more woman.  I am currently working a new group for a 10:00 class.  Would you like to join?  Please get in touch.

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yoga class week 1
Week 1