Eco Altea

Hey! Eco Altea was fine, although I was nursing a head cold. I offered two yoga classes on Sunday afternoon, both well-attended.

Hola! Eco Altea fue un éxito no obstante el resfriado que me agarró por la nariz! Dirigí dos clases de yoga el domingo por la tarde, ambas bien llenitas.


Zumos/Juices in Altea

Hey good news!  Buenas noticias!  Tenemos un Juice Bar/Zumería en Altea!  los puedes encontrar en Facebook.  Si aún no te has agregado a la super-red Feisbuc, la dirección es  Paseo Mediterràneo 1, local 9 bajo, 03590 Altea, Spain.

You can find them on Facebook.  If you’ve still not joined the monster social network, the street address is Paseo Mediterràneo 1, local 9 bajo, 03590 Altea, Spain.

Yoga classes in Benidorm

I will be offering four yoga classes per week at Prana Centro de Yoga in Benidorm.  Delighted!  Prana is in the pedestrian area of beautiful old town Benidorm.  A few short steps from the shining blue Mediterranean sea, right next to the Hotel Alameda, at number 32 Calle Alameda.

The hours are:

Monday and Wednesday 10-11 AM: Group yoga class in Spanish

Monday and Wednesday 11:15 AM-12:15PM:  Group yoga class in English.

I look forward to welcoming students who want to establish a regular practice (better rates for monthly and trimestral payment) and also anyone here on holiday who’d like to drop in for a few classes.  Please feel free to get in touch on alteayoga {at} (change the {at} for an @) for more info.


Indian Tunings

A wee note, as much for my recall as your pleasure. Om.

1. Chakra: Base
Note: Sa (C or Do)
Frequency: 32.7Hz, 65.4Hz, 130.8Hz, 261.6Hz, 523.2Hz

2. Genital
Note Re (D or Re)
36.7, 73.4, 146.8, 293.6, 587.2

3. Solar plexus
Note: Ga (E or Mi)
41.2, 82.4, 164.8, 329.6, 659.2

4. Heart
Note Ma (F or Fa)
43.65, 87.3, 174.6, 349.2, 698.4

5. Throat
Note Pa (G or So)
49, 98, 196, 392, 784

6. 3rd. eye
Note Dha (A or La)
55, 110, 220, 440, 880

7. Crown
Note Ni (B or Ti)
61.74, 123.48, 246.95, 493.9, 987.8

(Found at Peterson Tuners)