Bodywork – Massage and Lymphatic Drainage

I am a fully qualified massage therapist.  I have been practising massage since 2002 and consider myself something of an expert.  I try to keep a quiet space for my patients, but am a very good listener and will remember what you said and reflect back to the best of my abilities.  I have two specialties:

  • Holistic massage (Swedish massage & hot stone massage) – relax, renew, rejuvenate!  For all holistic massages I use organic coconut oil for the base and pure essential oils for the fragrance.  I make my own aromatherapy blends, and have a herb blend and a floral blend.  Of course, I also use non-scented oils for anyone intolerant to essential oils, and for pregnant ladies.  I use breath and movement to loosen everything up.  I always seek a period of silence and deep relaxation, if the patient permits this.
  • Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) – to treat swellings of all kinds:  lymphedema, sprained ankle, scars old or new, migraine, allergies (rhinitis), rheumatoid arthritis, cankles, puffy eyes and sagging chins…MLD is done without oil, directly on the skin.  It is a technique that is hard to learn and even more difficult to perfect.   From my very first course of MLD, at the Claire Maxwell Hudson School of Massage, in London, to my later professional training in Germany at the FöeldiSchule and in Austria at the Wittlinger Therapiezentrum, I had “the touch”.  I am able to tune into the pulsations of the lymphatic system and gently help restore its natural health.  I feel like this is some gift that I was given.

Charges:  €40/hour

Location:  Altea (Garganes/Post Office)

Life takes it out of you.  Massage puts it back in!


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