About Me

Hi.  My name is Rachel Rose and Alteayoga is my blog.  I am a qualified yoga instructor.  I studied for about 550 hours (5.5 years) in the Viniyoga School of Spain.  My teachers were Claude Maréchal and Carmen Sánchez Segura.  I have been practising hatha yoga since 1999.  I am also a qualified masseur, technician of Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Chemistry graduate.

My approach to yoga is, at once, humanistic and scientific.  I am a humanist in that I adhere to the central Viniyoga philosophy that “the yoga adapts to the person, not the person to the yoga”.  I am a scientist in that I believe that a thorough understanding of not only anatomy but of contraindications and postural modifications is essential to safely teaching yoga.  I also believe that yoga is a kind of science.  There is a clear protocol set out in the philosophical texts, and the student needs only adhere to the protocol and observe the results in order to “prove” the theories.  I often quip that “I don’t do yoga, yoga does me”.  Indeed, I use humour in all my classes, as I believe that laughter is not only the best medicine, but the closest one comes to meditation in daily life.

I am 44 years old, born in Canada, resident in Europe since 1997.  I speak four languages  (English, French, Spanish and Italian).  My interests, aside from yoga, are singing and composition, vegetarian cookery/nutrition, and gardening.  My favourite flowers are peonies and roses, although I am a passionate cultivator of orchids.  If you would like to join my yoga classes, you are welcome.  However, I will interview you first, at no cost to you, in order to understand how best to serve you.  I have a Facebook page called Alteayoga, and I keep it up-to-date, so you can snoop around there for a while, if you’re not sure.

Here is a photo of me.  Sorry if I am not in a spectacular yoga pose.  You will just have to go on faith that, yes, I can stand on my head.  🙂