Breathing and Yoga

Ujjayi…ummm. A slight incline of the head, chin to hyoid bone, vibrate the vocal cords just enough to make a wheeze. Breathe long and deep. Relaaax.

The Magic of Love and Peace

My friend Issy Clarke wrote a really great piece on a workshop she recently attended. It resonated for me with some of the reasons why I do yoga, so I asked her if she would be happy to be guest blogger so I could share it here. She kindly agreed.

“Last week I went to a workshop at Indaba with Jambo Truong, a Forrest Yoga teacher. It was more than just a great Forrest workshop, though – Jambo explained how yoga and deep breathing can turn a stressful life into a good life.

Research done at Newcastle University, in which he’s been involved, has shown that 20 minutes of ujjayi breathing a day for six weeks has the same beneficial effect in dealing with stress as developing a wide social support network.

Through deep breathing, the body-mind learns how to provide its own support.

Ujjayi, of course, is integral to…

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