What can I do?

Compassion arises spontaneously when sadhana (practice) clears and calms the cit (mind).   By embracing the reality of impermanence, we perceive the true fragility of everything.  Impermanence is beauty – a plastic flower may be attractive and last forever, but a real flower is glorious precisely because it is short lived.

Spring is all around right now.  Awakening, renewal, growth.  The meadows and hillsides are full of blossom – acacia, mimosa, poppy, lilac…  Humans resonate with this sense of renewal, no matter how far removed we are from Nature.  We are fortunate, here in Altea, to be surrounded by stunning natural beauty.  There is a strong seasonal rhythm here, like a slow drum beat, as the fruit trees successively bear their crops, the sea warms and cools, the rains come and go.

I too find myself with a sense of the new, the undiscovered.  I find myself asking “what can I do?  how can I take yoga out into the world?”  The normal route would be to find a place to give classes, print up posters, and then hope for the best.  But somehow this isn’t what I feel called to do. My special gift is my voice, and my special way of practicing yoga is through chant.  I love playing kirtan, singing mantra in the devotional (bhakti) style.  I want to organise fun kirtan and yoga themed evening events for people not into bars or alcohol.  I want to sing to and with people.  I want to celebrate life, live, be happy, be free.

So I am putting this energy out into the world.  World, please send me the place to do my kirtan celebration!



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